President's Message

    JITENDRA GAUTAM PE, CEM, CMVP, DGCPIt is my honor and pleasure to be unanimously elected as President of the Association of Energy Engineer Oklahoma (AEEOK) for 2018. I am extremely grateful to the past Presidents and Board of Directors who have worked very hard and devoted their personal resources to make the Chapter the strong, successful organization it is today. 

    We are in challenging time. Looking at Oklahoma's current status, we are just starting to see a few months of slight economic growth with oil prices taking a steady growth over the past few months. In Oklahoma, we need more jobs, better pay for teachers, and healthier citizens and environment. The most efficient way to get all of these positive results is by moving toward energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can help Oklahoma generate local jobs, avoid thousands of tons of air pollution, and make the state a healthier place to live. ACEEE did a study and recommended state plans should consider energy efficiency for a reliable and affordable energy future with clean air and a strong economy. According to their study, achieving annual energy savings of 1%, coupled with national model building codes, continued investment in energy service contracts and 40 megawatts of new combined heat and power, will help Oklahoma avoid more than 10 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2030; equivalent to more than 12 million megawatt hours of electricity, eliminating pollution from power plants. By 2030, efficiency policies will save the people of Oklahoma $288 million. These savings can ensure that the state achieves clean air goals while strengthening the economy and reducing electricity costs for vulnerable populations. We will work closely with the state officials to provide necessary expertise and consulting for creating policies in regards to energy efficiency for Oklahoma. To meet this target and challenge, we anticipate there will be a drastic increase in manpower demand in the state's energy industry. The Chapter will therefore continue to offer the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) courses. 

    The other areas of our work will be to maintain the Chapter as a learned society and a platform for energy engineers and practitioners to share experience and knowledge on energy issues and state and government  policies; continue work with other energy enthusiasts and stakeholders in society, organize functions and activities for our members; and network with our industry peers to promote public awareness and participation of sustainable use of  energy, energy conservation, and wider use of renewable energy.  With our strong core of very capable board members together with the continual support from past and present AEEOK members, and the international association of energy institutions and partners, I believe the Chapter will continue to thrive in the years to come. On behalf of AEEOK I would like to welcome you all energy enthusiasts to work together for better future.

    Jitendra Gautam PE, CEM, DGCP